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ID: 558Klapi-Tuiko 2003230.- piece
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Klapi-Tuiko is a firewood processor. It works off a tractor threepoint connection port (look at the video). After that the machine is connected to the tractors driveshaft as see in the video clip.The base model Klapi-Tuiko KT-200 needs approx. 25 Kw of
rating power.The log length is adjustable between 25-60 cm.Stiff and hard wood like oak,rowan and beech should be cut when they are wet.
Machine capacity 6-8 m3/h, blades Hardox 400, conveyor 440 mm wide. 3m or 4m conveyor optional. Machine is trator PTO powered. 
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Phone: +37255659233
Mainly is our small company occupied with manufacturing machinery. The main product we own and fabricate is firewood processor calld Klapi-Tuiko. We manufacture also forestcranes, trailers, tractor cabins, log tabels, circular saw frames, stairs, handrails, conveyors etc. We provide also the following services : welding, bending, sawing, milling, turning, building prototypes, sandblasting and powder coating. 95% of our work is exproted to Finland, Sweden, Germany, Italy.
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